Make a Difference

Each of us can probably recall a moment when someone was able to share words of wisdom, an experience, or advice. No matter where you are today, forging your own pathway would have been hard and full challenges. Many of us have had a helping hand in one form or another, paving an easier road. Creating that moment, that makes a difference.

The Dilworth X-Change provides the exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences, from those who’ve done it, to those who are about to. It is a place for you to donate either time or money towards making a moment into an opportunity for our Dilworth brothers who are transitioning into their next phase in life.

There was a little known chap from Donaghmore, Northern Ireland, who came to NZ over a century ago. His name was James and he created a legacy. Thanks for making a difference. Your efforts will create moments that will transform lives.